Kamlife Tahini & Syrups Label Design

Tahini & syrups Packaging Design

Client:Behdad Khorak-e Iranian (Behco), Kamlife

Illustrator & Graphic designer: Sadaf Fadaeian

Designer Assistant: Zahra Bohlool

Is it possible to storytelling about packaging of an Iranian product like tahini, grape syrup and date? Can one use Persian miniature in a modern way to make contact with today’s target market?
Primary idea to design this packaging, started with the shapes and curves made when pouring down the condensed tahini and syrup. Shapes that can imply a peak, a lake or even a road. And this fantastic atmosphere is a perfect world for simplified miniature trees and men telling their story in each packaging; from men who are taking care of sesame plants and grape trees to merchants who come to them on their horses to buy their products, to overall structure of the label that reminds you of ancient Persian miniatures.