La Cascada Olive Oil Packaging

Client: La Cascada – Spain

Creative & Graphic designer: Sadaf Fadaeian

Designer Assistant & 3d mockup Artist: Zahra Bohlool

. . . . . .

“La Cascada” is a rich and refined olive oil brand from “cordoba” olive farms in Spain. This olive oil is considered expensive due to it’s richness and traditional process of extraction. This inspired me to design the lid as a dropper implying not to extra use nor extravagance as part of the whole design. The lid will be there in the packaging as a gift to it’s tasteful consumers.
To design La Cascada Olive Oil, I was inspired from dropping oil shape. Placing the dropper lid with plastic head on top of the bottle implys dropping oil from olive, and also it is harmonized with the meaning of La Cascada which means waterfall in Spanish.